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» Into the Abyss, Anybody up for some skydiving?
 Posted: Dec 24 2011, 01:59 PM

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Skull was nervous about the jump as the plane went to take off. He was nervous every time, even though .00175% die each year due to skydiving relating incidents, it still didn't help him by that fact. Even though he had jumped many times in life, with most of them being with the 86th Airborne Infantry of the US Army. He had served for four years in the army and ended up as a staff sergeant squad leader.

That's where he had gotten the nickname, due to his completely shaved head due to his parents when he arrived at boot camp. That's where he learned his love of heights, doing the victory tower during boot camp. He had seen a lot during his deployments, and now he was trying to do anything to forget them. That's why he found this group. A bunch of veterans that all went skydiving every Saturday. He had been apart of the group for around a year and a half now.

They were finally at cruising altitude now. He went and got his helmet cam ready. He was to be the cameraman for this jump. He turned the camera on and went to check to make sure it was filming. He started to record a little, then stopped it and went to watch the tape. After he confirmed that it worked, he deleted the video and turned the camera off. He then stood up and went over to another person in the group and said, "Buddy Check?" hoping that this time, they would tighten the harness enough so that it didn't almost kill him like last month.
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