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» May God Have Mercy..., Supernatural (Season 3 AU) - Open
 Posted: Feb 11 2012, 02:19 PM

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James Xavier Austin

Quarter till Midnight, heading West on I-70 a large white pick-up fought wind and rain. Jax eased up on the gas a little as they crested the hill in his '06 F-250. He could see police and emergency lights flashing in the town ahead from the Interstate. That must be it, then. The pair was in Kansas of all places, headed towards a little place called Solomon. From what they'd heard, someone was killing young females in the area, a serial killer. Only, police never turned up anything. The women, just barely turned eighteen, would show up a few days of them being reported missing. Three victims had been identified already, all beaten to death and with their ring fingers missing.

The town was in an uproar, police had no leads, and the town was so small that residents were beginning to get in fights with one another, accusing each other of the crimes.

Of course, nobody but Jax and Jillian suspected anything paranormal about the situation.

The younger man swore as the diesel beast pulled off I-70. Paramedics lifted a stretcher covered in a tarp into the back of a waiting ambulance. They'd need to slip into the morgue, but that may very well make number four.

This job was so rough sometimes. There almost had to be death just for the Hunters to find the signs of anything supernatural in the area. Sure, they would save many more lives but each one should still be precious. That was Jax's thing against most Hunters; Not enough of them gave a damn about normal people anymore. The Roadhouse seemed to be a haven of a fair amount of those, and Ellen had finally kicked Jax out for starting too many fights. Nobody disobeyed Ellen, except maybe her daughter Jo but that was a different story.

And there was so much weird shit. Even Jax and Jillian were an odd sight. Jax was 26, would be fresh out of college if he'd ever attended, and here he was traveling with some strange and very stubborn woman he'd only met a couple months ago when a job went south. Jax didn't know much about Jillian except that she was a damn good shot and scrappy as hell. The two of them had wound up on the wrong side of a vampire nest and managed to escape together. His vehicle was intact, while Jillian's.... It took a while for them to fish the worthwhile tools Jax didn't have from the trunk of the little sedan at the bottom of the river. She'd wanted to haul it out, but it'd been hit by a semi and vehicles just don't come back from that. How they even got the trunk open, Jax couldn't figure out.

In the end. Jax had given Jillian a lift so she could get another vehicle, get back on her feet... Except, she sorta stuck around. They got on one another's nerves for sure, but they made a good, fearless team and Jax hadn't wanted to force her to leave just yet. She was useful, and if she wanted to leave she could do so at any time.

"Jill, wake up," Jax said, shaking the woman's shoulder heavily so she could take a look out the window.
 Posted: Feb 21 2012, 04:18 AM

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Jillian Elizabeth Foster

Jillian’s sweet dreams of sitting at a veranda enjoying sunlight were interrupted by violent shaking. At first she thought it was a part of the dream but when she heard Jax’s piercing voice, she knew better, even in her half-conscious state. She let out a snort as she woke up. “I’m up, I’m up.” She growled at the younger man, blinking furiously a few times to get her eyes to focus. If this was about some unfortunate prostitute he wanted her to point and laugh at with him, she would smack him on the back of his head so hard even his mother would be asking questions. And she was pretty sure the woman was dead. She didn’t know. They didn’t discuss mothers.

Jax could be entertaining, but also a big pain in the ass. As a symptom of the latter one, people at The Roadhouse looked at her weird every time she came in. Jill couldn’t even order a drink without receiving a threat that if her new ‘partner’ would enter the bar, there was a good chance he would end up with an ass full of led and rock salt, and that she would get hurt in the process too. Being associated with Jax was even a hindrance on some innocent flirting she used to do with fellow hunters. However, he was her ride until she got a replacement for her old totalled Sedan - she was working on it, but after the FBI had gotten a trail of her, acquiring expensive purchases via a bit of friendly cheating had become very difficult. She did have to admit, Jax could be handy to have around, he could take a punch better than her in a fight.

Jillian straightened her back, looking out the rain-stained window. She spotted the emergency vehicles and the flashing lights. “Shit.” She sighed at the sight, trying to figure out a way to weasel into the scene and gather information in her still sleepy state. She gave a glance at Jax. “…you know, you really can’t pass as officer of anything looking like that.”

Everyone will be annoying!
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